The Clwydian 200
The Clwydians from Halkyn
The Clwydian Audax Rides
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The Clwydian Audax Rides

The Clwydian 200k and The Clwyd Gate 130k Audax Rides

The Clwydian Events - Saturday 15th October 2022

Clwyd Gate 2023

Road works on the a494 mean the route sheets and gpx files have changed a little please check you have the most recent copy
Graham Hine 5/10/23

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Much of this was written by Dave Matthews in 2008 to promote the Clywd Audaxes to be ridden the following March:

Tha routes are now run in October but have not changed greatly since Graham Mills ran the events

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The Clwydian 210 km

The Clwyd Gate 130 km 2023 version

The Bala Mini- Bash 60km

The Clwydian 214km Route
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The Clwydian 214km 2022
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‘The Clwydian’ route starts by circling south round Lake Bala and then heads north to the first
control at The Three Cooks’ caf  on the A5. The ride then continues to the Loggerheads
Caf  near Mold for the next control. After Loggerheads, riders continue north through the
scenic Clwyd hills to Rhyl and then west to the seafront caf  at Pensarn. (This explains why
the ride is scheduled for March - before all the tourists arrive and block the roads and sea
front from Rhyl to Pensarn).
Now comes the extra-fun bit. Leaving the caf  at Pensarn, you head back over the Denbigh
moors to Llansannan and on to Llyn Brenig. Once past Llyn Brenig, barring one short climb
out of Pont yr Alwen, it is all down hill for 25K to Corwen. Descending the well graded 15K on
the A5 from Cerrigydrudion to Corwen after crossing the hills from Pensarn is a great and
unforgettable experience.
In the past, there was only one Audax ride on offer on this occasion. However, for those who
do not relish the full 200k experience at this time of the year, there is now a brand new ride –
Cycle the Halkyns

The Clwyd Gate 130km

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The Clwyd Gate 130km 2022
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‘The Clwyd Gate’.

This 138K ride starts at 08:30 from the same cafe Yum Yums  in Corwen as ‘The
Clwydian’. The route initially travels east on very scenic roads along the River Dee, before
striking north up the Horseshoe Pass to a control at the Ponderosa Caf  on the summit.
Riders then descend the north side of The Pass and travel on to a caf  control in Ruthin via
the Clwyd Gate.
After Ruthin, the ride (now similar to the defunct ‘Dee to Sea’ 100k Audax) follows a scenic
route on the B5429, B5428 and then the Bont-newydd valley to Pensarn. After Pensarn, the
route is identical to ‘The Clwydian’ - a great experience!
Further details and entry forms for these rides can be found at
We hope you will come and join us on one of these classic rides.
Revised formula for awarding points for hilly events
Audax UK has recently revised the formula for awarding points for hilly events. Under the new
system, where 1 point (to the nearest 0.25 point) is given for each 1000m climbing in hilly
events, ‘The Clwydian’ rates 1.5 AAA points and ‘The Clwyd Gate’, although shorter in
distance, rates 2.25 AAA points (AAA = Audax Altitude Award) so 20 points gets you an
award. There are also awards for 3XAAA and the rarely achieved 9XAAA. (To put this in
some sort of perspective, 9xAAA is roughly equivalent to climbing all the Munros in heightgain
David Matthews - Organiser
Horseshoe pass
Horseshoe Pass

Bala Mini Bash 60km

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Y Bala Bash 60km 2022
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This is a shorter ride from Corwen, along the beautiful Dee Valley to Llyn Tepid .then around the Lake to the Eagle Inn at Llanuwchllyn for a well earned brew and snack before returning on the other side of the llyn through Y Bala before returning on the opposite side of the Dee to Corwen. It is an introduction to Audax with an Information control on the return. Undulating route but no long hills but passing through may farms and villages and great beauty.
Llyn Tegid y bala
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